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NBS Mission Statement

“Our goal is to assist clients to work on their business – not in their business“

Newcastle Business Services covers all areas of general accounts, accounts receivable and payable, payroll, monthly or quarterly BAS/IAS preparation, preparation of monthly management accounts, board reporting, budgeting and forecasting, sales and marketing, policies and procedures, and all general office administration functions.

It is our objective to provide services to enable clients to remove themselves from the daily accounts and compliance function of their business, and instead focus their time and energy on expanding and growing their business.

When you engage Newcastle Business Services to manage your business compliance, we will be able to deliver five key added value benefits to you and your business.

Identify where you are wasting money.

Systems Performance
Assist in making your bookkeeping system more efficient.

Better Decision Making
Leverage the information your bookkeeping delivers to make better business decisions.

Customised Reporting
Provide you with relevant customised reporting beyond the profit and loss and balance sheet

Cost Management
Help you manage your costs, cash flow and cost of sales to deliver improved profitability.

Why Us?

The top three reasons why our clients are happy long term clients

Clear Communication

We are not only good at numbers, we notice things. We actively seek answers: Where is this bill? Why was this expense not signed off? Should it be applied to a billable job?

With Newcastle Business Services you are hiring a real person who will reach out to find the answers needed to do your accounts right, the first time, every time.


Continuous Innovation

We utilise the latest technologies to revolutionise our work and actively leverage the latest available solutions on your behalf. With data now securely available in the cloud, you can access transactions any time from anywhere.

We work to automate complex and time-consuming data entry jobs via digital cloud platforms (even in the field) delivering financial intelligence to you in real time.


Problem Solving

More than just number crunchers, we are problem solvers. Why did these numbers not reconcile? What account should this expense be allocated to? Why is this report delivering incorrect numbers?

Instead of glossing over a problem, we will analyse the options, gather information and develop proactive solutions to fix it.



The Crew

Changing the perspective on business services

Founder and Principal

Cheryl Lintott

Cheryl is an experienced accounting professional. She graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree. Cheryl is a Fellow of the Institute of Public Accountants, and is a registered BAS agent with the ATO. Cheryl has worked in the management accounting field for over 20 years, and has worked with stakeholders across a broad spectrum of commercial, industrial, government, NFP’s and a variety of SME’s and holds a wealth of practical working knowledge and experience.

What Our Clients Say

Supporting our customers with a Professional and Positive Attitude